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Our easy to follow droolicious nutritionally therapeutic recipes are made with cost-effective fresh human grade ingredients straight from your pantry hand picked by you to increase mealtime excitement.are. 

Complete and balanced by Droolchef Meal Nutrient Balancers to support the healthy & longevity of your dog and cats life


Chook Chomp
Watch them come a stompin for some chook chomp'in. A pawfectly simple, easily digestible recipe to support gut health

Beef Bonkers
This droolicious recipe will send even the pickiest eaters beef bonkers. Pawfectly created to support health and longevity.

Fish Frenzy
One whiff and get ready for a fish frenzy. High Omega recipe, enriched with antioxidants & medium-chain triglycerides for joint support and cognitive health.

Kanga Krazy
A lean mean high protein & low fat recipe that will have your fur friend jumping for joy. 

Lovely Lamb
Highly digestible quality protein recipe packed with essential nutrients, amino & fatty acids to keep them youthful longer, and enriched with fibre for gut health.

Vegan Vitality
A plant based high protein recipe. Pawfect for veggie fur families and dogs with animal protein allergies.


Meow Chicken
This droolicious recipe is sure to get the meow approval.
Pawfect created to be easily digestible to support gut health

Fish Purrfection
A high Omega recipe, enriched with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory
properties to support optimum health and longevity & keeping their bodies purring from kittenhood to the golden years.

Turkey & Pork Medley
A high protein, fibre rich recipe with moderate fat and packed with nutrients to support better health paws down.

Beef & Lamb Stew
A hearty high protein meal rich in micronutrients, vitamins and lipolic acid to support healthy cell function and the immune system keeping them youthful for longer. 

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